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Aquarium plants are an amazing addition to nearly any fish tank Not only are they beautiful and natural-looking but they also help greatly with biological filtration and create a comfortable environment for your fish Check out our top four tried-and-true tips for getting started with your first aquarium plants!Get price


Fish Filters Media Parts Cartridges More

Shop Chewy for the lowest prices on fish filters and media that will keep your aquarium nice and clean! Check out our wide selection of filters filter cartridges filter parts and filter media We carry brands like AquaClear Tetra API Marineland and Fluval *FREE* shipping on Get price


Aquarium Filters for sale

Aquarium Filters The most important component of any aquarium an aquarium filter keeps the water clean and habitable for the fish and other sea creatures dwelling within The type of filter you choose largely depends on factors such as what type of water your aquarium uses and the type of filter that's compatible with it Get price


Freshwater Frenzy Blackwater Biotope Aquarium Setup

Blackwater Biotope Aquarium Setup Peat filtration is ideal but not essential for a black water biotope aquarium You can jump-start your tank using a commercial black water extract these products are sold at some specialty stores and contain extracts of peat and driftwood Get price


* Peat moss (Aquarium)

peat moss peat is also good and besides lowing pH it also softens the water Put the peat into a filter bag so it doesn't dirty the water The bag can be put in your tank or in your filtration system To accelerate the process you can boil it like the way you make tea and use the solution by itself []Get price


Know Your Filter Media A Concise Guide to Your Options

A Concise Guide to Your Options By Neale Monks All aquarists appreciate the importance of a good filtration system but the pros and cons of the different filter media can make choosing the right ones for your system rather baffling A popular chemical filter medium is peat Get price


Where to buy peat moss for an aquarium to bag and put

4-8-2013Best Answer Get Canadian sphagnum peat moss from a garden center Get an organic product that doesn't have wetting agents fertilizer or other additives You can also buy it from aquarium suppliers at a much higher price for a much smaller amount of peat Then you just rinse the peat Get price


5 Best RO DI System for Reef Tank Saltwater Aquarium

A reverse osmosis water system works to filter the water removing any contaminants so that you end up with clean water The RO/DI systems have a great reputation as being an effective way to filter the water new advances in technology have improved the filtration capability to the point of removing up to 99 percent of the impurities Get price


peat filtration discusses

Aquarium Peat Filtration Do You Need And discusses how peat filtration systems work and when you need to use peat filtration in your Aquarium Peat Filtration Do You Need A Peat Filtration Water And Filtration Discus Fish Water condition and filtration for discus aquarium Get price


Filtration elements

Hi DS If you use AQ quality peat(and you should NEVER use gardening peat) it has no negative influence on your water It does however makes your water more acidic and yellows thrue tanines and the containig humus asids the water but this is under certain circumstances rather positive than negativ Get price


peat filter using

Peat Moss Filtration? [Archive] - Aquarium Forum For my new set up I was thinking of using Peat moss to soften and lower the pH of the water and also give the tank a nice tannin staining color So these are my questions 1) Can I just add peat moss to a mesh bag in my HOB Contact supplier Get price


5 Best HOB Filters for Aquariums

Proceed to reassemble the filter and hang it on the aquarium again for filtration to continue Conclusion There is no reason why your fish should be suffocating when there is a chance to give them a healthy option today All the hang on back filters mentioned above will deliver the right amount of filtration to keep the aquarium water clean Get price


How to Filter Aquarium Water With Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum or peat moss has a number of effects on aquarium water chemistry It filters out minerals and releases tannins softening water and lowering the pH Many popular aquarium fish hail from water called blackwater or cola water with very similar chemistry This Get price


Peat filtration and CO2 injection

28-6-2007I am running some peat in my new canister filter I am running two filters for now because I need to let the biofiltration mature in my new filter Anyway everything is going fine But I just read at another web site that CO2 injection with peat filtration can be a tricky business I wanted to run the peat because my water is hard - GH 16 and Get price


TORFpellets 1L

Peat pellets lower (acidify) the pH-value of the water and so reduce the water hardness The pellets should however only be used if the pH-value necessary for the particular type of fish is exceeded Peat filtration is particularly suitable for tropical clear to black water Get price


Peat Moss And Carbon

I have a Marineland Penguin 200 filter and it comes with those cartridges that already have carbon in them I do not want to remove the filter media that does the mechanical filtration but want peat moss to lower the ph Anybody have any suggestions with what to do with the carbon while still retaining filtration Get price


Peat Filtration

2-10-2011I will be setting up a 125 litre with external filtration for south american cichlids (namely bolivian rams) and dithers It will be planted etc I am unfortunate enough to have pH 8 coming from the tapwater with high KH buffering anything I try to do to it I am Get price


RE Peat filtration

Peat also contains and will leach tannins which will color the water You may or may not want this - the tannin can be removed by Carbon filtration but is probably best done outside of your tank (before you add the water to your aquarium as Carbon can also affect micronutrients) Get price


Pros and cons of using peat in aquariums with forum and a

26-3-2010Not to mention I have a open top aquarium and I get quite a bit of evaporation so every top up my water hardness is ever slightly increasing I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using peat moss in their filtration for softening and acidifying Get price


Peat Moss Filtration? [Archive]

Hello all So as some of you know I'm starting over with my tank due to a tramatic die-off just after I finished cycling so I am using this unfortunate circumstance as an opportunity to try out some new things I have a 20 gallon tank with a HOB Whisper 30 filter I am planning on similar stocking a male/ pair of dwarf gouramis a Get price


peat filter media

Fluval Peat Granules Filter Media 17 oz Fluval Peat Granules Filter Media provide an all-natural way to soften your aquarium's water with highly concentrated peat Peat contains humic acid tanning agents and trace elements that are necessary for these fish to grow and thrive It Get price


Best Substrate For Planted Tank

Looking for the best substrate for planted tank? we have narrowed it down to 7 top options that are very effective which we highly recommend Keeping reading for a detailed write up on each covering all you need to know about substrate and why you need to use it in your aquarium Get price


Aquaworld Aquarium

Filtration is one of the most important elements to all aquariums Discus prefer water that is calm so it is important that you do not buy a filter with a high turnover rate For the discus aquarium a filter with a 1 time per hour turnover rate is adequate For discus there are many acceptable methods of providing filtration Get price


Amazon Fluval Peat Granules 500 Gram (17 6 oz

Fluval Peat Granules 500 Gram/17 6 Ounce Fluval Peat Granules are the all-natural way to soften aquarium water and achieve the pH levels required for breeding and rearing certain tropical fish Peat contains humic acid tanning agents and trace elements that are essential for various life processes Get price


Aquarium Biofiltration

What does that mean for aquarium biofiltration? Water filtration is teamwork by the members of the substrate microbial community from all domains of life This is an important conclusion both for freshwater and marine habitats The different players form a food web where most organisms cannot exist alone but are interdependent Get price


How To Soften Aquarium Water (5 Easy Effective Methods

There are a few ways to go about using peat in your aquarium Place the peat inside your aquarium filter This will ensure that a constant stream of water passing over the peat and maximize the effectiveness Another way is to add peat to a bucket of water for at Get price


peat filtration fish

peat filtration freshwater aquarium Fish Tank Maintenance Dec 27 2016 Peat Plus filter Media 800ml CD Aquatics Superfish Peat Plus filter Peat Moss Aquarium Aponogeton ulvaceous from bulb to show plant with Fluval Peat Granules oz Get Price How to Filter Aquarium Water With Sphagnum Moss Pets Get price


The Soil Substrate Or Dirted Planted Tank

20-5-2017The Soil Substrate Or Dirted Planted Tank - a How to Guide Discussion in 'Substrate' started by Tim Harrison Jul 31 I choose to change about 50% of the aquarium water once a week and use it as an opportunity to reduce the concentration of both dissolved and solid organic compounds in my aquarium Peat FiltrationGet price



Mechanical filtration traps suspended particulates The water is clearer but the wastes continue to add to the bioload of the aquarium until the medium is cleaned or replaced Water polishing is accomplished by forcing the water under pressure through either diatomaceous earth or micron media Get price


Peat Moss NPT

21-11-2012I use 1 of spaghum peat moss 1 of play sand 1 of pro choice select I have found the peat helps keep kh and gh constant After the initial week or two my pH starte rising to above 8 0 Indicating low carbon dioxide Fish live for years and years including fish requiring low ph water The tanks also have no mechanical filtration or Get price

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